Lift-Off Lemon Star Freebie!

I'm a Star! Craftivity

If you've been following my teaching journey, you know how much I love and use Astrobrights in my classroom.  Recently, I've been given the amazing opportunity to help celebrate Astrobrights 50th Anniversary by creating a project for my (current) favorite color, Lift-Off Lemon!  Currently, Astrobrights is having a sweepstakes where you can win a $500 AmEx gift card by simply posting your Astrobrights pictures on Instagram!  Read all about Astrobrights' 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes rules here.

I've been using Lift-Off Lemon for everything from homework, flash cards, posters, and craftivities the past few years.  For this special collaboration, I decided to create something new.

With the end of kindergarten and our Open House (a night where students and their families come to see and celebrate all we have accomplished throughout the year) coming up, I wanted to create something to honor their success.

I created a three-dimensional star craftivity (click here for the PDF), where students drew and wrote about what makes them a "star" at the end of kindergarten.  We brainstormed ideas that make us unique as well as new abilities (being a reader, etc.). 

To create the project, I first printed stars on Lift-Off Lemon Astrobrights cardstock and had parent helpers cut out three stars per student (I wanted to ensure they were cut out properly so they matched up when we glued them together).  We then wrote and drew on the three stars, then I helped each student fold along the dotted line and glue.  The best glue for this was regular Elmer's School Glue.  After they dried, I cut out string (I alternated between 1 foot and 1.5 feet of string per star) and attached the stars with paperclips and hung from the ceiling.

My students absolutely loved this activity, and I loved how they turned out!  I will definitely be keeping this project for all future Open Houses.


I'm a Star! 3D Craftivity

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