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I am sharing a variety of resources that can be sent home or electronically shared with parents during this difficult time of "remote learning".  Some of these resources are paid products that I temporarily changed to a freebie, and some are always free.  To check out my full library of free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, click here.

This opinion writing unit can be done by most kindergarteners independently at this time of year.  I like to teach them how to answer both questions using the word "because" e.g. "Dogs are my favorite pet because they are snuggly".
 I love these alphabet charts because it shows students and parents the correct path-of-motion of the letters.  These can also be used as individual practice pages to practice all letters at once.  Homes without printers can also use this as a guide to practice on regular paper or notebooks.
I use these slideshows in the classroom to practice sight words.  They can be used just like flash cards, but without the paper.  Or play the slides and have students practice on their own.
This is one of my favorite free resources.  I send this home and keep it in book bags in the beginning of the year, before my students are readers.  I have parents use this to guide their home reading of picture books.
These bookmarks and posters make a great home reference on how to choose a "just right" book.
I just made this for my own students during our remote learning.  I'll have them bring them in when we return and celebrate all of the reading we did at home.

I use these practice pages to supplement my math curriculum when we learn about 3D shapes.  It also includes a 3D shape hunt that will be perfect for students to do while at home.
Teen numbers are one of the trickiest math concepts for my kindergarten students.  I added this to my remote learning so students can continue working on their numbers.

I hope these resources help to make your new role as a "remote" teacher a little easier!  Be sure to follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store for more freebies, sales, and new products:

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