FREE Back-to-School Resources for Distance Learning

The reality of beginning kindergarten with distance learning has set in and I am working on more resources to support teachers and parents with the task.  It is more important than ever to have a strong home-school connection and to provide parents with all they need to be successful at home.  The below resources will help with beginning the year with distance learning.  And check out my full library of free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, click here.

To begin, I will be emailing this home to families before school begins.  Many of these tips are common sense to teachers, but families beginning school for the first time have no idea how to create a usable workspace and to keep focused.

Handwriting Alphabet Charts
Letter formation and path-of-motion is new to most students and families.  These alphabet charts can be sent electronically and printed double-sided to use as an anchor for writing at home.  I will also be linking them in my daily schedule so parents have easy electronic access.

I absolutely love these handwriting pages from my Letter Friends phonics resource bundle.  All letters have a "letter friend" animal to represent the letter sound.  Each page has clear instructions and is clear of extra clip art or wording.  I will be beginning with these pages then moving onto the Letter Friends Lowercase Handwriting pack when they're ready.

I love to give my students reading logs from the beginning of the year.  Before they can read, I have them use their logs for shared reading.  These "I Can Read 100 Books" are so fun for students because it gives them a clear goal, sets positive reading habits and routines, and gives them a reason to celebrate when they have finished "reading" 100 books.

I first created these labels when I thought I was going to be starting the year in the classroom.  All shared supplies need to be re-imagined, so I found plastic crayon boxes at Michaels and made these labels to attach to the lid.  They are fully editable in Google Slides and look great when printed in color.

Whether you are heading back into the classroom, or are beginning your year remotely, I hope these freebies help to make your transition a bit easier!  Be sure to follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store for more freebies, sales, and new products: